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At Eastern Michigan Bank, we offer multiple account solutions tailored to meet your business’s unique operational needs.

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Classic for


Best Suited For

Lower account balances w/less than 100 transactions/mo

Med balances & transaction values; use basic services

Available to non-profit organizations

High balances; use a wide variety of bank services

Minimum Opening Deposit





Monthly Service Charge




Avoid Charges By

Carry a min avg balance of $500

Earnings credit helps offset charges/fees

Earnings credit helps offset charges/fees

Transaction Fees

First 100 items free; $.20/item after first 100, incl. cks paid, dep. tickets and dep. items

$.12/check & $.10/deposit ticket

$.03 per ACH/EFT & check; $0.05/dep ticket; $0.05/dep item

Electronic Statements

Debit Card

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Telephone Banking

Debit card subject to approval.

Carries a fee of $.50 per bill payment.

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